Solar / Lunar Data
Calibrated for Coupeville, WA
48 13' 7"N   122 41' 11"W Elevation 95 ft as of: 10:25 AM


 Current Solar X-ray Image

Current Solar Sensor:
 649 W/m2
Maximum Potential Solar:   741 or 95 %

Sunshine Hrs today: 02:57
Sunshine Hrs yesterday:
Sunshine Hrs, Month to date:
Today's High Solar:
744 W/m2 at 10:15 AM
Yesterday's High: 1123.0 W/m2at 11:45 AM
Month-to-date solar energy:  56.7kwh 
Year-to-date solar energy: 667.6kwh 

Solar Noon: 13:16
Apparent temperature in the sun: 69.5 F 

30-Minute Aurora Forecast
from Space Weather Prediction Center



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